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Blue Fairy Wings Halloween Costume


Make your little fairy the star of the night and make her feel precious and anywhere and anytime with this Blue Fairy Wings

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The elegant Blue Fairy Wings Halloween Costume from Fairytale Tutus by Mara Joy is embellished with sparkling glitters that twinkle and shine as the wearer moves. Captivate people with the twinkling colors of the sky and sea of this product. Great for Christmas pageants, school plays, festivals, and many more, this toddler fairy costume will transform every event into an enchanting world of magic!

It has a sturdy, elegant underwire construction that allows the wings to be bent and hold any desired shape. It has elastic loops to fit perfectly on your shoulders. It is available in size 15 x 18 inches and can fit toddlers, little girls, teens, and even adults. However, do note that if an adult wears these wings, they will sit higher up on the back.

Cosplays will be much fun if you come dressed as the Blue Fairy of the Skies, complete with elegant wings, shining and shimmering in all its splendor! Perfect as a photoshoot prop, this product is also ideal for giving away as a gift. Get these fairy wings for only $21.00 and never miss the chance of captivating people as you glide along with your fairy wings, glittering and twinkling as you flutter. 

What are you waiting for? Grab the Blue Butterfly Fairy Wings now and watch how it can magically transform your fairy dress for girls!


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15×18 inches


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