• pixie halloween costume
  • pixie halloween costume
  • pixie halloween costume
  • pixie halloween costume

Pixie Halloween Costume | Blue Fairy Wings


The Blue Fairy Wings Pixie Halloween Costume from Fairytale tutus by Mara Joy will make your daughter everyone’s apple of the eye.

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Be a whimsical and enchanting blue butterfly forest fairy with our Blue Fairy Wings Pixie Halloween Costume! These magical fairy wings are splashed with the different shades of blue, sprinkled with glitters and sparkles to make its wearer shine with every movement. In addition, it comes with elastic loops that are worn around the shoulders. These flexible loops may be replaced with ribbons, depending on the client’s preference.

This Pixie Halloween Costume has these features:

  • Made of fine-quality materials
  • Exquisitely handcrafted with love
  • Ready-to-wear when packaged and shipped
  • Gift message upon request

Available sizes are small (9 x 12 inches) and large (15 x 21 inches). Get the blue fairy wings for only $21.00 to $24.00. Make magical dreams come true with this beautiful handmade creation. Bring the color of the sky and the sea to every party you attend. Make your cosplay outfit a cool and unforgettable experience.

Every photo session will create happy memories with this photo prop outfit. From toddlers to little girls to adults, complete your Pixie Halloween Costume, and have fun with this product! Its swirls and splatters of glitters and sprinkles will make you glitter and shine like a little fairy as she flutters from one flower to another. Grab the Blue Fairy Wings Pixie Halloween Costume now to complete your outfit and get a 25% off your first order by joining the Fairytale Tutus VIP Club!

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Small 9×12 inches, Large 15×21 inches


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