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  • butterfly wings costume
  • butterfly wings costume
  • butterfly wings costume
  • butterfly wings costume
  • butterfly wings costume

Butterfly Wings Costume | Blue Toddler


Let your little girl join a cosplay event dressed as the sparkling Blue Fairy of the Ocean, complete with our Blue Butterfly Wings Costume!

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A free-spirited magical creature with the color of the sky and the blue ocean represents freedom. The freedom to flutter from flower to flower, leaving a trail of pixie dust as she weaves her way through the mystical forest! Yes, a fairy. Let your little girl join a cosplay event by dressing her as a sparkling Blue Fairy. Complete the outfit with our Blue Butterfly Wings Costume— this is exactly what I’m talking about! 

Each product is exquisitely handmade with love, out of fine quality materials. The sparkly wings are carefully packed and shipped, ready-to-wear. In addition to this, the customer may include a gift message upon request.

With clear elastic loops that are worn around the shoulders, just like how you wear a backpack, the blue fairy costume wings will perfectly fit its wearer! Its 15 x 18″ size is ideal for little girls of all ages. Furthermore, the elastic loops may be replaced with ribbons if the customer prefers it.

Ideal for all occasions that need costumes such as Halloween, costume parties, school plays, festivals, first birthday, or even Christening. Therefore, this product will make its wearer the star of the show! So get the blue fairy wings costume for $21.00 only and let your little angel enjoy a magical journey into the world of enchantment and magic.

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15×18 inches


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