Candy Pink Fairy Princess Ballet Tutu Dress for Little Girls


A little fairytale princess loves to smell the roses in the garden and dance on tiptoe in her very own pink ballerina style tutu dress!

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Make your little girl’s sweetest dreams come true with a candy pink princess ball gown, handmade in USA with love exclusively by Mara Joy at Fairytale Tutus!

The candyland princess has come out to play today in a special way that can only be described as magical. Dance with her as she frolics and plays in her the world of her own imagination. Sweet as a sugar pop, your little fairy princess can join in games as well. She twirls and dances in her imaginary world of fantasy and fairy tales. Of course she is dressed in a perfectly fitting for the occasion Candy Pink Fairy Princess Tutu Dress and a silk flower headband from Fairytale Tutus!

This sugar-sweet fairyland princess tutu is sure to be the delight of your little one?s dress-up box. She can pretend to be the belle of the ball in this tea-length tutu gown, ready to dance the night away with her imaginary friends. If she chooses, she will be a fairy princess of her own magical whimsical kingdom where she rules over her loyal subjects. All you have to do is add just a few fairytale accessories from our full selection of mythical butterfly fairy wings and enchanted blossom wands that are sure to grant a wish or two!

This tutu dress is the quintessential in cuteness for that special flower girl in a fairytale wedding party. Specially crafted and handmade in the United States for your little one, layer upon layer of the most divine sheer tulle is gathered and flounced to form a swirling effervescent cloud-like skirt. Special care is given to the satin sash and matching twin shoulder straps for a secure fit. Floral rose bud blossom details in matching candy pink with silk leaves grace the ribbon bodice of the fluffy tutu and satin ribbon headband!

Especially crafted for little girls who range in age from baby to five years old, this is a tutu dress that will grow with her. It is easily adjusted into a tutu for dancer and ballerina play as she grows up. Just tuck in the shoulder loops and tie the ribbon sash around her waist. So you are getting years and years? worth of play and memories from this delightful designer gown for your little darling. It’s a child’s fairytale come true, and in this magical fairy world of dress-up play, the princess and her family live Happily Ever After!


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