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Purple Fairy Wings Halloween Costume


Make your little girl’s dreams come true by dressing her up in a fairy pixie outfit, complete with our Purple Fairy Wings Halloween Costume!

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When we talk about fairies, we often picture a little magical creature that sparkles and has wings. This picture of a fairy is enchanting for small children, making most little girls dream of being fairies.

Make their dreams come true by dressing them up with a fairy pixie outfit, complete with our Purple Fairy Wings Halloween Costume!

Where to Buy Fairy Wings

Imagine how this fairy costume will put a smile on your little girl’s face when she sees the fascinating costume you have for her!

No words can describe the delight in your little angel’s face when you help her make her dream come true. The elegant design of our purple butterfly wings will capture everybody’s attention!

Sprinkled with glitter, our purple fairy wings have soft elastic loops that are worn comfortably around the shoulders like a backpack, which can be replaced by ribbons if the customer prefers it.

The stretchy elastic shoulder loops make these fairy wings for adults fit perfectly to make them comfortable to wear.

With two sizes options of small 9 x 12 inches or large 15 x 21 inches, these fairy wings can fit girls of all ages. This sparkly butterfly fairy costume item is ideal as a baby shower gift. Also, it is nice as a first birthday photography prop, or an adult or teen cosplay outfit. These pixie wings are perfect for Halloween and outdoor festivals. Get these purple wings for your child’s next costume party, with these excellent features:

  • Sparkly purple glitter designs
  • Soft lavender butterfly shape wings
  • Comfortable elastic shoulder loops
  • Fantasy fairy festival wear costume

Turn your little girl’s fantasy into a reality. Order our purple butterfly wings now and transform your little angel into an enchanting little fairy!

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Fairytale Tutus


Small 9×12 inches, Large 15×21 inches

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